Plus Valley Trek

Trek to Plus Valley

Type : Ghats/Valley/Jungle

Range : Mulshi Taluka of Pune district

Grade : Medium, Endurance level Medium

History : Known for ‘+’ shaped valley, Dense forest and river-source for Kundalika river

Base Village  : Nearest village from Pune side is Nive

Maximum Height : Start is at 2,100ft as it descend and then ascent on adjacent hill

Best Time : Exact post monsoon

Trek Distance : 4KM(Start to Dongarwadi naka not considering height)



Okay, Plus Valley is one of the most memorable trek for us in Sahyadri’s, here is goes… After completing Andharban this year, we had an eye to this valley, as it looks amazing from Andharban and to discover more of it. As it was not so frequent trek place, and less information was available on Internet, we collected all the information we could and, left Mumbai at Night itself. Ohh! to mention, after office I went for home for only 30minutes, had dinner, packed my sack and left directly to meet Hari, who was supposed to meet me at Kurla railway station. I carried a Pair of Clothes for trekking as Hari was directly coming from Office, and Jayesh was supposed to carry a Pair of shoes. Hari and I met at Kurla and caught a train towards, CBD Belapur. Met Jayesh around 12.30am at CBD Belapur, filled car tank and headed towards Lonavala.

As we knew the route, we reached Lonavala around 2.00am and saw a Police check and the Junction where we diverts towards INS Shivaji. Something really Hilarious happened here 😀 Police stopped us for Checking, Hari was sleeping at back-seat as he was tired and this Police-men thought that he was completely drunken 😛 He asked our name, and started checking car. He insisted to open the car Dickie as he was full of anxiety as he could find something he could charge us as we are in Lonavala, and it was 2.00am. He check all back-packs and eventually he opened Jayesh’s which was full of Long Climbing rope, he at that spot said with depression, “Areee tumhi Trekking wale ahe kaa 😦 chalaa jaawa

Now the road became narrow, with the help of GPS we managed to find the current path. In dark night and narrow road, with some horrifying noise from around, we pulled up windows 😛 Eventually a Wild Hog passed in front of Car, Jayesh silently said, ‘Kya woh Leopard tha…‘ . Now we reached Pimpri Village @4am and decided to rest in car and then proceed towards Tamhini Ghat. With first sun-shine, we visited Independence point.

Independence point

Independence point

Okay, moving ahead from here on right there is a Yoga Center, still ahead this Narrow road meeting the Tamhini Ghat Road, we need not had to go to Nive Village, we proceeded directly towards the start point. Okay, the start point is exactly on edge of the + shape and start from road itself.

Start point of Plus Valley trek tamhini ghat

Start point of Plus Valley trek tamhini ghat

On right had side the black patch is a Waterfall in Monsoon, and there is drain pipe which goes push the water to plus valley. This drain pipe is the start point, where Jayesh and Hari are standing now.

Plus valley tamhini ghat

Plus valley tamhini ghat

It is a Steep descend, and climbing from this route could be difficult. In monsoon, this  trek is not possible, due water flowing and there is big rock patch which is good for rappelling, but we can find another way from side of the walls.

DSC_0022A beautiful Rock formation could be seen here.

DSC_0021After a more descend, we now reached the Big rock patch, rappelling could be fun, but we find a way from side of the walls and got down.

DSC_0046The View of the Valley is peaceful from here 🙂


DSC_0085The walls are bolted by some group for climbing practice. You could see bolts all around. Jayesh want to try on this climbing paths 😛


DSC_0095From  here, the base of the valley is near, we now reached the stream. Explores around, and we found the water is very clear, which I have never seen anywhere.

Inside of Plus valley

Inside of Plus valley


We found a beautiful crystal clear water pond, in which could stop diving around. 😀


Thats me under-water 😛 and water splashing in pattern 😀DSC_0212 DSC_0244DSC_0288Can see Andharban Plateau behind.

DSC_0318We reached here in 2 hours from ghat, spend an hour in water and then we decided to climb the opposite Gally to end trek in Dongarwadi/Garudmachi. The route is not proper to ascend from here, we need to make our own way. Some times from right side of the wall or some time middle of Gally. This is steep, and very tiring, but with help of GPS we know our position and know from where to turn left. We found that the plateau is taken by a Builder and was making a small town here, which means this deforestation.

Deforestation in Plus Valley

Deforestation in Plus Valley

We passed and reached the main road. Its real sad, now this valley will be human touched 😦 and this could be the end of this Beautiful Valley 😦

DSC_0345We caught a truck which had dropped us where we have parked our car. And then moved towards Chandni Chowk, Pune and moved toward Mumbai via Expressway.

View of Mulshi Dam

View of Mulshi Dam


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