Mama Bhanje Hill, Thane

Mama Bhanja Hill

Type : Hill

Range : Thane city, yeoor hills, National Park

Grade : Very easy

History : Dargah of Mama and Bhanje

Base  : Hanuman Nagar or Indira Nagar

Maximum Height : 1,200 feet

Best Time : Winter when skys are clear



We have done quite good amount of Hike’s in Sanjay Gandhi National from Borivali side, but we never explored from Yeeor side. As I am currently working in Ugam Solutions, Thane. This mountain range which could be clearly seen from my workplace. I always had a will to explore this beautiful mountain, but never know its actual description. In monsoon this range is always covered in clouds, and plays a vital to role to bring monsoon clouds towards thane. Todays was the day, i decided to Hike on this hill, with getting all the information about it.

It is called as Mama-Bhaja Hill, but for me I have named it as ‘Ugamgad’ 😛 . Two Dargah’s are placed here, Left one is Bhanje Dargah and Right one is Mama Dargah. Very un-clear History says that, people found two Dead Bodies on adjacent part of the mountains, where now each Tomb placed. People have many stories to make, but still remains un-clear. Leaving history behind, we decided to hike Mama-Bhaje first and then explor yeeor hills jungles.

We reached morning, at Hanuman Nagar, and found a way heading in jungle, which eventually was the start point of this hill. Slums area is intense and people have ruined this place with litters around. Leaving slums behind, we headed in Jungle and now, the surrounding became pleasant.

mama bhanje start

mama bhanje start

Steps are created from this point till up and are easy to climb.


DSC_0009A good endurance hike brought us to ‘Mastan Darbar‘, we were not expecting any piece of Human activities, but still found this 😀 There is a another Dargah over here. Few monkeys and Langoors also watching us around.

DSC_0014Now the forest became much dense and hill became more steep. Pumping lungs out, in hot sun, we could now see Mama hill.

Mama Hill

Mama Hill

A notice boards says about the ways to either side of the hills.

DSC_0022Proceeding towards Bhanje side of the ridge.


Bhanje Dargah

Bhanje Dargah

DSC_0057Proceeding toward Mama Hill of the ridge, there are some stalls put up. Stalls are full functioning at the time of ‘Julloos


Mama Dargah

Mama Dargah

Ridge where Bhanje and in background ‘Tulsi Lake’ could be seen.

DSC_0065(1)Now some beautiful Aerial views of Thane City 🙂

Aerial view of thane city

Aerial view of thane city

Slums area

Slums area

Ashar IT 😛

DSC_0027DSC_0072From this mountain we could even see, part of Malad. Had to say, it is very important Mountain for Thane.We descended and headed towards Yeoor Jungles to explore.


5 responses to “Mama Bhanje Hill, Thane

  1. Any Particular reason why you named it as Ugamgad rather than popular one Mama-Bhanja Hill?

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