Andharban Trek

Trek to Andharban

Type : Ghats/Valley/Jungle

Range : Mulshi Taluka of Pune district

Grade : Medium, Endurance level Medium

History : Known for Dense forest and river-source for Kundalika river, Independence point

Base Village : Pimpri

Maximum Height : 2,100 feet at Pimpri as it is a full descend trek

Best Time : Only in Monsoon

Trek Distance : 13KM(Start to End not considering height)

Andharban route map

Andharban route map

Andharban, by it’s name means a dark dense forest. It is a descend trek, where you are already on height and you will descending till end. It is one of the most beautiful trek and lots of things to explore. My friend Jayesh had informed me that, a group is goin to Andharban, and we could join them, as it was Monsoon and Andharban is best in this duration. We caught 5.40am Indrayani Express from Dadar which would be drop us Lonavala at 8.00am. As it was Last day for Ganesh Festival, all trains where full packed. When I reached 4.15am @Mumbai-Central, the first local train was completely packed, like as this is a evening Virar Local train ! Can you believe Morning 4.15am! Train full packed !!! 😛

Till Lonavala we had traveled standing 😛 Hired a Jeep which would take us to pimpri  village. Lonavala to Pimpri is around 50km but a very old and narrow road. As it was monsoon, road was completely in fog, dont know how the driver can accelerate even when you cannot see anything in front of you. 😀 We reached Pimpri @10:30am, Here just ahead of Dam, we can visit ‘Independence Point‘, where we can see the Valley and all sources which leads to Bhira Dam.

At LonavalaVisibility very lowView from Independence Point

Trek starts moving side of Pimpri Dam, and then moving towards Electric Towers as we need to go to the opposite side, which is Andharban.

Pimpri Dam

Pimpri Dam

Electri towers at PimpriAt the connection point, we can see, Independence Point on Left, Bhira Dam front and Andharban on right. It is a mind blowing view 😀

Independence Point, Bhira Dam, Andharban

Independence Point, Bhira Dam, Andharban

Moving ahead there was great waterfall, very freezing, clean   in which I couldn’t resist to dive in  😀 .

Waterfall AndharbanCrossing some streams, and some dense forest, now we are exactly opposite of Independence Point.

Stream crossing at AndharbanDSC_2946From here, actual Andharban starts, forest becomes now bit dense and Yes, the light gets bit dimmer.

Darkness in Andharban

Darkness in Andharban

Andharban, has good Flora in Monsoon, got got lots of things to see around 😀

DSC_2947 DSC_3030 DSC_2949 DSC_2953 DSC_2970 DSC_2988 DSC_2997 DSC_3012Also found a Ceropegia category plant, is it said that, it is hard to find.

CeropegiaVillagers also put some traps to catch wild hogs.

DSC_2994Moving ahead towards direction of Hirdi village, on Left we can see Plus Valley, Tamhini Ghat, it is a valley of Plus shaped. Which is another nice trek 😀 Crossing ‘Hirdi village’  which has only few houses, mainly spend their living on Cow’s Milk. Descending, now Bhira Dam is exactly to left of us.

Bhira Dam

Bhira Dam

From here staright goes to a Village and could end the trek. But we have decided to end the trek on Nagshet, which is to the right. So we have taken a path which diverts to right. This route is long and less acceded, so there is a chance of getting lost. After crossing few streams  we reached the ground level. We could see the plateau of Andharban from here and some spectacular views.

DSC_3032There were some white small flowers, dont know what are they but, they look amazing.


Crossing few Valleys and few rice farms. Finally Hustling through the Jungles we saw a Village across river side and then passing here we had to move Nagshet to find a way out. After long hike on a narrow Tar road leaded us Nagshet, and Last ST was available @5.30pm which will drop us @pali, where Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple is situated. From here a connecting ST bus which had dropped us Khopoli. From Khopoli we went in a shared vehicle to Panvel and then all splitted.

But still Local trains where fill Insanely as last day of Ganesh Festival. Although a very adventurous trek and kept an Eye on Plus Valley,  Tamhini Ghat 🙂


32 responses to “Andharban Trek

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  2. Hi Yogesh,
    How did you plan this place the start and end point.. did you take any help from local or on your own.. is it a good plan to trek on our own as I am new to the place soo.. what would you suggest? And I trek all alone..

  3. I am really happy to browse your website.. I would regularly follow your website.. I would be glad to join you from your next trek.. if you are comfortable please let me know through y email ID.. hope it will during the weekoffs coz even I do work.. and I stay in pune..

  4. Hi Yogesh.. great post on Andharban… great effort on creating the map… I plan to do this trek… do you have the numbers of local contacts at Pimpri and Hirdi villages? Please let me know.

  5. Dear Yogesh,
    How easy is the trek? I’m a pretty fat chap … have done quite a few treks in the past – but recently have developed a small fear of narrow ledges/ cliffs 🙂 till I work out my weight issue – not risking any treks per say … but if its a hike through a forest I’d love to jump in any day!

  6. Hi Yogesh, thanks for the info ! This trek looks perfect ! Is it safe to go without a guide if someone who hasnt done this trek before ? Is the route well marked or easy to find ? Thanks for your help ..

  7. Just a question, if we travel by our own vehicles and leave them at the start point, is it possible to travel by road back to collect them? Will we get public transport or any other kind of shared vehicle to take us back to the start point? From say Bhira Dam?

  8. Hi Yogesh,

    I am writing a travelogue on Andharban in Marathi. I would like to use the image of Andharban road map from your blog. May I use it? Credit will be mentioned in the caption. Thanks!

  9. Hi Yogesh great blog and excellent pics specially the macro shots of flora. Wonder if you encountered any snakes 🙂 I was trying to map the info you gave here with Google Earth. Few questions i had.
    – Ahead of the GMCKS Ashram is he road drivable till Pimpri Dam?
    – After the connection point does he route descend towards the valley below that leads straight to Bhira Dam or it instead continues to go straight and take a circular trip above the valley floor.

  10. Hey Yogesh,
    We are planning to visit andharban on 28th august can you please share some local contact in case of some emergency or some one for guiding us route that will really help.
    thanks in advance

  11. hi yogesh,
    From Bhira dam or by nearby village of bhira dam can we get any local transport or tempo/truck something available to reach to pimpri dam or andharban start point?

  12. Content of writing and way of saying about trek was amazing and most beautiful and attractive part was photography.
    Just awesome.
    I will definitely be there in this rainy season

  13. Hi Yogesh,
    Presentation amazing. Pictures awesome. Loved reading your description of the trek.
    We are a group of regular trekkers from Mulund, Mumbai, about 20-25, mixed age group. We have planned to go to Andharban on coming Sunday, 16th July.
    If you can give us contact nos. of any local guide who can take us through this route, we will be grateful.
    Would love to join you on any of your trek in future.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ajay Shah

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