Bhimashankar via Vajantri Ghat Trek

Trek to Bhimashankar via Vajantri Ghat

Type : Ghats/Valley

Fort Range : Bhimashankar

Grade : Medium, Endurance level High

History : Old route to Bhimashankar

Base Village : Jamrung

Maximum Height : Khetoba temple Vajantri Ghat(2,700 feet), Bhimashankar(3,200 feet)

Best Time : Post Monsoon only

Trek Distance : 27KM(Start to End not considering height)



After long research, we finally decided for Vajantri Ghat. Actually plan was to Climb Vajantri Ghat and come base to down, but we tried to make this little adventurous  😛 . One day trek to Bhimashankar via Vajantri Ghat ie. from

Jamrung-Vajantri Ghat-Khetoba Temple-Yerwali Village-Bhimashankar Temple-Padarwadi-Rajape-Jamrung

After getting lost and managing to complete trek with our expertise and great help from mobile GPS, we notice that, we have trekked almost 27KM in 1 day, Morning 9.00am to 7.00pm. Okay, here goes the whole trek description below.

Early morning we reached Jamrung village by our vehicle at 8.00am, this village is accessible from Karjat. Very less ST buses are available, its better to come here by a self owned vehicle. We decided to park car here in Jamrung and again come back to Jamrung. One could also start from Jamrung and end trek in Khandas.

We took’d help from a guide as this route is very less accessed and the plateau from Khetoba temple to Bhimashankar is very dense, and one could easily get lost if we dont know the direction towards Bhimashankar.

Leaving Jamrung behind we passed from a Rice farms leaving Peth/Kothaligad exactly behind

Peth Kothaligad

Peth Kothaligad

Keeping Wind mill on right we proceed to dense forest towards Vajantri Ghat.



Keeping Jamrung Pinnacle to Left we proceeded towards the Jungle.

Jamrung Pinnacle

Crossing few streams and hiking a plateau we could see Dhangarwada Plateau hill . We need to move exactly side of this and start our climb from right shoulder side keeping Ram Khind to right.


While climbing on shoulders of Dhangarwada Plateau, we could see a huge Valley, which is called Ram-Khind. It is said God Ram used to come here to find the Ayurvedic medicine.

Ram Khind

Our guide showing us how to drink water the best way 🙂


All de-hydrated already 😛

DSC_0056Dhagawada is complete dense forest we need to be careful finding a way up. Mainly farmers do farming on this Plateau.

DSC_0058Passing on this dense forest we could see some sky route goes from this  long grass and daisy flowers


DSC_0035 DSC_0042DSC_0060

Passing this grasses a path moves very side of this mountain towards top. Should be very careful and the here the route is very exposed.

Reaching top we saw the most beautiful thing. We discovered the whole plateau is covered with daisy flowers like is as we are in Kaas Pathar.

Flowers on Vajantri GhatKhetoba Temple is here.

Ketoba Temple Vajantri GhatWith getting refreshed from a stream we started our further hike towards Bhimashankar. It was now 11.30am.


Not only Vajantri Ghat, the whole plateau till, Yerawali Village was covered with Yellow flowers.

DSC_0152We reached the point of Ambe Naalichi vaat to right and front mountain is Bhimashankar mountain covered in mist.

DSC_0167Crossing Yerawali village and passing a temple in path we headed towards bhimashankar. It was now 1.00pm

We found a Buffalo chilling in a stream 😛


It was the time when we lost our way, as forest was dense and we were not able to find our way. Fortunately, I tooked out my Smartphone and started GPS into work. Atleast we got to know the direction we have to proceed. It was Hook-or-by-Crook method to reach Bhimashankar. Getting all information from GPS we kept our way ahead and managed to proceed our way from dense forest and making our own way as we knew our destination direction. Now we were almost near and some how managed to Bhimashankar Temple at 3.00pm

Bhimashankar Temple

We had quick Lunch and started planing to reach Jamrung again by the time Jayesh insisted that we should purchase a Torch in case of Emergency. We collected 3-Led cell small torches worth Rs.20 each. Jayesh, we thank you so much you insisted, because this torches were Life -Savior later 🙂

We started descending, and reached Padarwadi and asked some locals the way for Jamrung, as this route is very less accessed. He mentioned there would be split, where one way goes to Ganesh Ghat towards Khandas, and other way there is way which will take you to the Nalli which could reach Jamrung.

We some how found this Nalli, and started descending as Jamrung was still very far. Route is very steep slope, I found very strain on my knees, and got some cramps, making difficult to walk. It was not getting little dim as we where on other side of sunset. We reached as point where there was way to Left and one way to right, but Jamrung was straight ahead, but still we were at height and it was much dimmer now. We had to make decision and decided to go right, proceeding ahead we were not able to find road and here it was now complete dark and we couldn’t again goback to the split junction. I tooked my GPS again and Guiding the direction towards Village Rajape. It was not complete dark, we tooked out our torches(Thank you Jayesh 🙂 ) As there was no route we tried to make our own way in dark in dense bushes, keeping Rajape village our target. With all rashed from trees we found a small which was going towards Rajape, we got some relief at-least we are out of the Jungle 🙂 In dark we had to go from farms from Rajape to Jamrung we some how reached Jamrung at 7.30pm

I have to thank the Guide, He was very old who guided us properly and completed the trek with us and last but not the least, Jayesh and Hari, without there expertise, this was not possible.

Lots of thing to learn from this Trek, and tested a good endurance level of our’s and how important is a GPS :). In all we dicovered a new Plateau of Flowers and new route trek’d and loads of lessons learned. Learned and Discovered alot. 😀

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  2. Excellent information about Vajranti Ghat route! I trekked up to Bhimashankar in July this year and we lost our way while descending by Ganesh Ghat and instead walked onto the trail to Rajape. So, I have provided a link to your post from my blog!

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