Siddhgad/Siddhagad trek

Trek to Siddhgad/Siddhagad Fort

Type : Hill forts

Fort Range : Ahupe, Bhimashankar

Grade : Medium, Hard in Monsoon

History : Watch tower for Dhamdhamia

Base Village : Narivali

Maximum Height : 2,400 feet

Best Time : Post Monsoon when skys clear




After completing Gorakhgad in this range last year, we had Siddhgad or Siddhagad on list. As rest in all group were not available, so it was me and Deepak who were ready for trek. We planned with public transportation, and reached Kalyan and boared 7.20am ST which was moving towards Murbad. We reached Murbad by 8.45am and found direct bus for Dehri which is after Narivali @9.30am. As we were having ample of time we decided to go to Mhasa by tum-tum and from Mhasa another tum-tum to Narivali. Rs.10 for each tum-tum.

While on journey, we can see a board of Siddhgad on highway near Khanivare, from here we can goto Siddhgad Waterfall, from here a difficult trek goes to Siddhgad, this is not recommended without guide. Next stop of Khanivare is Narivali, from here a path from village leads to path for reaching Siddhgapada(Please refer above route-map village location). In monsoon this path is full of water.


Rice farming is common here, so we need to cross many such farms, and this could be confusing, try to shout-out for villager’s assist. On to Left you can clearly see Machindragad(left) and Gorakhgad(right).

Gorakhgad and MachindragadWhile crossing rice farms, a Rain storm was about to approach us, got a spectacular photo 🙂

clouds over ahupe ghat A river would be in our path, we need to cross this river a bridge is available.

DSC_2249After deep walk we reached Siddhgadpada it took’d us to reach1-hour to reach. Siddhgadpada is on ground level, whereas Siddhgadwadi is plateau ahead which is to the right.

siddhgadpadaWe can see Siddhgadwadi plateau from here, and Siddhgad top is hidden in clouds.

Siddhgad wadi from base

While walking on this path some things unusual happened, some animals growling sound came from thick bushes which was directly coming towards from side after this Langoors and birds started making noises. I and Deepak were freaked out and tooked some stones  and a big stick in hand for protection and tried to escape from there. After moving quickly the noise went out and some relief we had. Moving ahead now actual acsent started and now path was narrow and water streams could be observed. This route gets very confusing in Monsoon. We were lost 7-times before we reach Entrance gate for Siddgadwadi.

Clouds over Ahupe

A water cistern is seen in bushes and some waterfall.

Siddhgad cistern

WaterfallIt took us more 2hours from Siddhgadpada to entrance for Siddhgadwadi as we were lost many time.

Siddhgadwadi entranceBefore this entrance, there is a connecting plateau. Here a temple is seen

Siddhgad templeFrom here, we can goto Dhamdhamia dongar, for another 2hours trek. It has Dhamdhamia dongar has big cannon as said to us by villagers. Moving ahead, passing through the entrance, just behind is a temple. 15-20minutes is required to reached to Siddhgadwadi from entrance.

Pyramid structure of SiddhgadSiddhgad top is hidden in clouds. Villagers said to reach top it required another 1-hour. As recently a landslide happened in Bhimasankar, we also observed some  landsliding here. Route to top is very densed and narrow. Another 20 minutes steep climb took’d us to cave.

Siddhgad caveA small path from caves moves to the top, which steep and in monsoon visibility is very less. There is nothing fortification on top just  some rocks and Shivling. We can climb from backside of ridge of Siddhgad and Shivling is available at the end of the ridge. Complete range view is seen from here. We started descending and decided for having lunch in waterfall side.

waterfall Deepak bought chicken masala made by himself. Be careful of Langurs around.

Chicken masalaAfter having meal, we started descending from the same path we came. We reached in rice farms again, met with a teenager who was also heading towards Narivali. Had loads of chat with him about life here and around here. After reaching village he offered us for getting refresh and tea at his place, villagers are so nice :). But we thanked him, and proceeded for Bus-stop. And reached back Mumbai with some beautiful moments.


Please check ST-time and very less tum-tum are available here.

For first timers, this trek could be hectic.


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  1. Hey Yogesh we are a group from IIT Bombay planning to traverse from Sidhgad to bhimashankar and return via jambruung. It will be really helpful if you can share with us any google track or any other map which you might have recorded for this route.

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