Trek to Bhairavgad(Moroshi)

Trek to Bhairavgad(Moroshi)

Type : Hill rock

Fort Range : Malshej

Grade : Hard(In Monsoon)

History : Dyke’s structure due to earth changes

Best Time : Winter

As first rappelling trek of our’s, we choose to take on Bhairavgad in Malshej region as couple of hours from Mumbai. From Kalyan to Malshej road reaching Moroshi Village on Highway itself, you’ll see a board namely the entrance of Bhairavgad.

bhairavgad entrance

Moving on the path, the villagers saw us, and thought that we are from Forest department and started running, as I was having my DSLR, Bhimsen(Violet Tee) as Forest Inspector and Jayesh(with Rope) to catch them 😛

Bhairavgad way

Moving the same path, would eventually take us to the Valley which gives a broadway of Malshej ghat.

malshej range

Just climbing over this, you’ll be landed on a Flat plateau, where unbelievable amazing Bhairavgad standing huge.

bhairavgad plateau

The amazing Bhairavgad :


Side view of it, isn’t it wonderful :

bhairavgad sideview

From here, you can see some caves carved into this mountain, just moving ahead you can see a base camp.

bhairavgad basecamp

Moving just ahead, a path to up will take to exactly side of bhairavgad which then takes behind of Bhairavgad. We climb bhairavgad from behind not the front. 😛

Bhairavgad way

A small cave :

bhairavgad cave

@Top of Bhairavgad :

top of bhairavgad

Rappelling view :

bhairavgad rappelling view

Thats is rappelling champion Harikesh 😛

bhairavgad rappelling

Finally taking everybody down, and reaching Moroshi, we had a wonderful  Lunch :


Finally leave you with this pictures, mountain behind Bhairavgad, it is huge.

behind bhairavgad

My first rappelling :

me Rappelling

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Trek by : Jayesh, Harikesh, Bhimsen, Hardik, Yogesh


5 responses to “Trek to Bhairavgad(Moroshi)

  1. Hello yogesh,
    Is it possible to trek without rope and can I trek all alone.. and one last concern, what about transportation? and other than water do I need to carry anything else?

    • Hi Jatin,
      Bhairavgad comes under category hard and best to do in winter or post monsoon. Rope is required for the overhang part or the free-turn. I would not suggest to do this with out guidance.
      About transportation in ST bus, take a ticket of Moroshi Village which is on Kalyan – Malshej ghat road.

  2. can we get guides there in villae with all climbing things of their own?
    or we need to take all those things. and about night trek? do you have contact number of moroshi villager who can help us?

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