Harihar(Harshgad) Trek

Trek to Harihar Fort(Harshgad)

Type : Hill forts

Fort Range : Trimbakeshwar

Grade : Hard(In Monsoon)

History : Built under possession of Ahmadnagar Sultanate

Best Time : Pre Monsoon


Harihar(Harshgad) is very famous spot for trekking as generally known for the Steep steps. Harihar lies in the range of famous Shiva Temple Trimbakeshwar and generally reached by reaching Igatpuri Railway station. From Igatpuri, one could catch a local S.T. bus OR shared taxi heading to Trimbakeshwar and drop down at base village Nirgudpaga(Takeharsh) via Ghoti-Vaitarna Road and is about 50km from Igatpuri.


From Nirgudpada, villagers could guide you for the path leading to the fort. Path is very easy to find out, and there is very less chance you could get lost. One thing about this trek is that, once you have trekked to some height, you’ll notice farmers farming on the hill and the trek path is by passing thru this farms.

farming on mountain

On the way up, there would be small temple, after climbing for a while you’ll notice the steep steps which are hidden under the clouds if you are in monsoon and this is what it makes this trek challenging. The wind blows at very high speed as the base of the steps are between two break of the mountain.

Harihar steps

Steps have holes to take support of and climb and while getting down, but the wind blowing is so much that you have to stay close to the steps.

harihar steps

Small temple at the fort :

temple at harihar

Inside fort :

inside harihar fort

Famous needle hole at the fort, thou nobody knows the history behind it.

needle hole harihar

Steps inside fort:

steps inside harihar

Temple and pond at top of the fort :

temple and pond at harihar

Water tank at the fort:

water tank harihar

And the picture after descending,

Harihar fortAs Trimbakeshwar is nearby, planned to head there,


Catch rest of the actions below :

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Trek by : Niki, Hardik, Yogesh


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