Asherigad Trek

Trek to Asherigad

Type : Hill forts
Fort Range : Palghar
Grade : Hard
FortHeight : 507 mt. OR 1664 ft.(reference google earth)
History : Shilahara Dynasty built this fort.
Best time : Monsoon only.

Asherigad Trek

Asherigad is not that known place for the trekkers, as it comes under Palghar range. Reaching here is not that simple and you have to change your rides couple of time. As it was monsoon, and we tend to explore new place, we choose Asherigad. Plan was to reach Palghar Station early morning catching the first ‘Shuttle-Train from Virar to Palghar, so we planned to catch the last local for Virar previous night and spend rest of the time on Station to catch the first Shuttle. But, something unusual happened, One local train in Andheri got banged with other! So there was delay in trains. My train was supposed to reach Virar at 12.30am but has arrived 3.30am in the morning. INSANE !!! After reaching Virar, our 1st shuttle was about to leave, boarded it.

Shuttle train

Base Village is ‘Khodkona Village‘ which is is 31km from Palghar Station. So the journey is divide by first reaching Mastan Naka by S.T. Bus and then get a 8 seater Tum-Tum(Tuk-Tuk) to reach the base village ‘Khodkona Village‘ which is on the NH-8. One other way is to find a ride which is goin from Palghar to Kasa(but its rarely there) so Base Village is betwwen the course itself. But we could not find any of the rides that day so we plan to reach Dahanu Road Station and then reach the Base Village by any other means. Caught the next Shuttle-Train reached Dahanu Road Station, caught a Tum-Tum(Tuk-Tuk) which was proposed to drop us at Kasa Naka = 25km via. Dahanu – Jewhar Road. And then catch other means to reach the Base Village which another 20km. So we caught a Truck to reach. Finding a way to reach the base village from the Highway is Challenging because a narrow path leads to the village. Below is the point where you could find that path :

Khodkona Village path

After reaching ‘Khodkona Village‘ just confirm the path for the Top as Asherigad has an adjacent hill, so one could easily get lost from the actual path.

Khodkona Village

While on the trail, don’t forget to keep an eye on the ‘White-Arrows’ made on the stone. They are the help life-savior.

On the trail to Asherigad

Asherigad from below :

Asherigad from below

Asherigad from the adjacent hill :

Asherigad Fort

Follow the White-Arrows and make sure you take a Right way to Ascent towards Asherigad. After a while climbing from the rocky patch, you”ll find a small temple.

Entrance at Asherigad

After the first patch is completed, you’ll find yourself on a plain surface where a Ladder is present to reach to the main entrance of the fort. As this entrance was destroyed while the fight with some races.

Asherigad ladder

Above the ladder :

Creepy narrow gap

Some left over of the fort after destruction :

Walls of Asherigad

Ladders on Asherigad :

Ladders on Asherigad

Air-Ventilation tunnel for Water harvesting  going till water tanks :

Water tunnel Asherigad

After a while climbing, you’ll find a flat surface land, which is the top surface of Asherigad. After a while walking ahead along the foot-path, you’ll find yourself to the gateway of the Temple.

Temple of Asherigad

Over-night stay here is a wrong idea, as the temple is small and not suitable to stay. A way above the temple leads to a Pond. Below is the pic as the whole mountain is covered with Clouds and visibility ranges to meters.

Top of Asherigad

Descending as usual the half of Ascending. Reached the highway, and managed to compromise with a Truck Driver to leave us till Mumbai as he was travelling alone with truck empty. Indeed, the ride back to Mumbai in a Truck with all the Truck-Driver chat and Stories was amazing.

In truck to Mumbai

Catch all of the rest adventure below :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trek By : Jaiprakash, Niki, Hardik, Shirish, Yogesh

Extra Notes :

– Be careful while climbing the Ladder part, and while walking the corner of the mountain.



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  1. Nice ! Can you tell me whether its enjoyable or not. Is it suitable for first time trekkers? Can Girls do it?

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