Chanderi Trek

Trek to Chanderi Fort

Type : Hill forts
Fort Range : 
Grade : 
FortHeight :
685 mt. OR 2250 ft.(reference google earth)
History : This could possibly be called as military base owned by Shivaji Maharaj

Best time : Pre-monsoon, Post-monsoon

Chanderi Fort Mhasmal Fort directions

Chanderi is the best place in monsoon for trek near Mumbai, but it comes under Grade : Hard so newbies are suggested not to do a stunt here. As we planned to catch the last local to Karjat from Dadar Station and reach Vangani Station. One could also get down at Badlapur Station, but it is far. After reaching Vangani Station late night, plan was to sleep and rest, but none of us did that, rather fooling around as it is a Picnic.

late night at vangani station

Early morning trek begins from Vangani Station coming to Neral-Badlapur Road. Plan is to reach ”Chinchavali” Base Village which is reached first reaching ‘Kasgaon‘ which is on the highway itself and is  4.5KM from Vangani Station.

Kasgaon to Chinchavali

One can buy any eatables from the Base Village. It is a better, if you ask the directions from the villagers here. After starting the trek from the village and hiking for a while, you’ll find yourself to a flat plateau and you could easily on to your Left is ‘Chanderi Fort‘ and on Right is ‘Mhasmal Fort(625 mt. OR 2050 ft.)’

Chanderi from the base

After reaching find the Arrow marks or a footpath which would direct you to way to start of climbing. The way comprises of Waterfalls, Dense forest, Water streams and some times climbing the way from the waterfall itself.

waterfall in chanderi

Be careful while climbing the way from waterfall. Just enjoy the Nature.

Chanderi trek waterfall path

After a while climbing, you’ll find yourself in a Junction, One way goes to Chanderi Fort, other Mhasmal Fort and other Panvel. From as on left way leads to Chanderi, be careful with the way, it is narrow and winds blow heavily in monsoon, and path is slippery.

Chanderi Fort

From here one could see Mhasmal Fort range clearly.

Mhasmal Fort from Chanderi

Reaching more ahead the way to the right goes to the cave, right part is guarded with iron fence and you’ll find two water reservoirs

Chanderi fort cave

It takes about 3-hours to reach to the cave from the base village, if you are not lost in between. Cave is pretty huge and can accommodate 25 people.

Chanderi cave

Shivaji Maharaj’s miniature sculpture in the cave.

Shivaji Maharaj Chanderi fort

View from Chanderi Fort Cave :

View from Chanderi Fort

The beauty of Chanderi Fort:

Chanderi Fort

We descended from the Panvel way which eventually dropped us at an un-known village, caught-up a Cab and back to home.

Catch all of the rest adventure below :

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Trek by : Hardik, Niki, Shirish, Ranjeet, Raj, Rahul, Yogesh

Extra notes :  In monsoon you could easily get lost, keep your eyes on the ‘White directions Arrow’ OR ‘Footpath’, follow them.

– Way to reach to the top of the mountain which is above the cave, is dangerous in monsoon.

– Wind blows heavy near cave be careful the path from the junction to the caves.


9 responses to “Chanderi Trek

  1. I have been to Chanderi before. Not many trekkers visit Chanderi though. It is not tough for steep raises or falls but for the sheer height at which you need to ascend. We had trekked just after Monsoon and the place was without wind. We were fighting for breath for the last half an hour of the trek.
    However this is one of the greenest places to trek, and yes we took a local guide as the road signs were next to identifiable. Btw I went under the banner of a group called, ‘Shikharvedh’.
    Guys carry food and lots of water and GluconD if you are going after monssons. The forest is so dense that nary a wind blows through and you will be fighting for breath if you climb too fast.

    Btw crisply written!

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