Recover data from shortcut virus on memory card or pendrive or external drive

Did you eventually notice that all your data on any of your USB Drives is Vanished and only you could see is a Shortcut in name, same as your Pendrive name.

DO NOT PANIC ! It is a ‘USB Shortcut Worm Virus‘.  Your data is safe. The only thing is you cannot access it directly.

For this you dont require Antivirus Support at this moment. The only thing you need to do is :

arrow_right     Open CMD as an Administrator.

arrow_right     COPY + PASTE this code in your CMD –


 arrow_right     attrib -h -r -s p:\*.* /s /d

NOTE: To replace ‘p’ with your Drive letter.

Press Enter.

Allow it to process depending upon the size of your USB Drive and observe that you have got some folders visible in your Drive. Browse the folders and you could see your data recovered back.


What I have noticed is the worm is so classified as ” trojan horse generic32.tnu “.

BEWARE! This Worm is still hidden somewhere  in your System and ready to attack other USB Drive. Now you could only do is Update your Antivirus Program, and quarantine the worm. Some Antivirus Programs dont detect, cant help it.

If the above procedure didn’t helped you, and you still want to recover your data back. Download freeware name ” RECUVA “. Run a Deep Scan on your drive and recover your data.