IGNOU has complied their respective Course Materials as Ebooks for MCA students for Easy-&-Better learning. Below is the List of Ebooks downloadable for IGNOU MCA as per the respective course.

  1. MCS-011   :  Problem Solving and Programming
  2. MCS-012   :  Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming
  3. MCS-013   :  Discrete Mathematics
  4. MCS-014   :  Systems Analysis and Design
  5. MCS-015   :  Communication Skills
  6. MCSL-016 :  Internet Concepts and Web Design
  7. MCSL-017 :  C and Assembly Language Programming Lab
  8. MCS-021   :  Data and File Structures
  9. MCS-022   :  Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
  10. MCS-023   :  Introduction to Database Management Systems
  11. MCS-024   :  Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
  12. MCSL-025 :  Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 & 024)
  13. MCS-031   :  Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  14. MCS-032   :  Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  15. MCS-033   :  Advanced Discrete Mathematics
  16. MCS-034   :  Software Engineering
  17. MCS-035   :  Accountancy and Financial Management
  18. MCSL-036 :  Lab(based on MCS-032, 034 and 035)
  19. MCS-041   :  Operating Systems
  20. MCS-042   :  Data Communication and Computer Networks
  21. MCS-043   :  Advanced Database Management Systems
  22. MCS-044   :  Mini Project
  23. MCSL-045 :  Lab(UNIX & Oracle)
  24. MCS-051   :  Advanced Internet Technologies
  25. MCS-052   :  Principles of Management and Information Sytems
  26. MCS-053   :  Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  27. MCSL-054 :  Lab( based on MCS-051 & 053)
  28. MCSE-003 :  Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  29. MCSE-004 :  Numerical and Statistical Computing
  30. MCSE-011 :  Parallel Computing

Feel free to download them. Ebooks are brought to you by IGNOU. And Proudly Shared.


16 responses to “IGNOU MCA EBOOKS

  1. I appreciate you my friend….gr8 job..thanka a ton…can u also tell me such systematic link for ignou bca e-books?

  2. thank you for sharing this books. i have more than 800 computer science related ebooks, which i downloaded from various sites. most of them are privacy protected. i dont know wether i can share it to all with legal permission. please help me to share all with peoples who deserves it.

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