Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Review

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Review Further Personnel Reviews :

BUILT : Its the Ultimate.
Fair Solid, Easy to Handle 5/5*

Runs any Damn Game Smoothly. Very Responsive in UI. Very Responsive in Web-Browsing than in Class.

Very Sharp of its class. Movies to Watch is Just VOILA! NO disappointment even if it does-not have Bravia Engine.

SOUND : Its the Ultimate.
xLOUD Enhancement working more than expected. 10/10*
– NO OTHER PHONE can compete in its Speaker’s(Loudness + Clarity + Performance)
– Basically adapts, merge-up with any Headphone & play’s it @the most. And I am sure, you’ll notify a Solid better Clarity in terms of Treble + Bass + Surround-Effect.
*Benetton-Headphones (9/10*): Are the best Headphone you can get(Yes, I disagree with @iGyaan). The best think I like in that Headphone is the ‘Grooves-Effect’. The Over-The-Ear Headphone just creates the Resonance on your Ears for the Bass(It creates solid Bass, on any other device.) I played Battlefield-3 with it! Dude Just the Awesome.
*Sony Ericson default Headphones (8/10): Just the Perfect. The only thing you have to do with the Basic Sony Ericson is that, just use those Ear-Plugs out-of 3-given in the pack which gives you the best result’s.

– Primary Camera Works Fine in Day & Night.
– LED Flash it the Best.
– Secondary Camera just you wont Regret.
– 720P Video recording is just the best you can get.

Yes, 14K a bit high but definitely ultimate for the Price as compared to others.

Further Q. :
Q. mini pro vs live with Walkman

Q. 2gb mem card ?


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