The Freaky Traveller


I’ll tell y’all, the title viz. ‘The Freaky Traveller’ actually describes me.

Freaky Traveller in the sense, I come from a Family who is of Middle-Class and living in Mumbai, as past history, me and my family met with an mishap(an car accident), well after that family got more conservative and have banned my Trips and Travelling. (Yaa I know, INSANE! that is.)

– ” Well, they have banned me from going, not I banned myself from going. “

So me & my friends usually make our own Plan’s hiking around nearby places in our City which are hideous and are known to very less people.

I say, if my friends are not available for such expedition’s, its fine, I’ll tell y’all, ‘ I DO IT ALONE ‘.

I basically, research on my trips plan and then execute them, well here also If I have a company, then its Okay, If not ! NO PROBLEMO, I do it alone.

Well, I gone to such places my friends could not even think of……
That’s why, my friends call me a ‘FREAKING TRAVELLER a.k.a.(‘The One Man Show Guy’)

My current and future plans, are to be a,
BLOGGER(about my I.T. and Travelling blogs)
Well this all are reason, why I, aim to be a ‘Freaking Traveling Host’

The Freakiest thing I have done is…

Without telling my Family, I have traveled with my friends or basically alone, to various places like,

1. I went to Alibaug, Maharashtra(INDIA) (120KM away from my home.)

– First time traveled alone in a ‘Ferry-Boat’
– Hiked around the Alibaug City
– Visited ‘4’-Beaches in which swam alone in ‘3’-Beaches
– Traveled in the nearby places via. Public Transport, making on-the-spot decision
Total time for Trip i.e living home and again back = 10hours
Total Trip Price(including eatables) = Rs.298

2. Kasara Ghat, Thane District, Maharashtra(INDIA) (122KM away from my home)

-Hiked on Kasara Ghat, to see the Greenery and some waterfall’s in Monsoons
– 1st time in my life, I did ‘ Hitch-Hiking’ ‘Traveled to an unknown city name IGATPURI with two strangers on a bike. (LOL! Triple Sit)
– Hiked the whole city and again back taking a Swim in a River nearby.
Total time for Trip i.e living home and again back = = 8and(1/2)hour
Total Trip Price(including eatables) = Rs.135

3. Did numerous treks and exploration around with friends :

Chinchoti Waterfall, 2.5hours hiking in a dense forest hill, 105ft high waterfall
Tungareshwar Waterfall, 2hours trek to the hill, 60ft high waterfall
-Sanjay Gandhi National Park(104 area wild reserve), Mumbai, 4-Times deep forest treking’

Total time for each Trip i.e living home and again back = 9hours

Total Trip Price each trip(including eatables) = Approx.Rs.100

4. I love travelling to new place, explore new things :

– Have you ever travelled in a ‘Ferry-Boat’ in just ‘Rs.3’(that to in costly city like Mumbai). Well, me and my friends did.
– I also love to travel in my own city, Mumbai so called as ‘Urban-Jungle’. Planing how to get to a particular place the best way via. any means.
– The best thing during travelling, is getting LOST. You just don’t believe yourself when you come out of it.

My back-Pack always contains a small ‘First Aid kit’, ‘A huge Napkin’, ‘P.D.A(for assisting)’ and yes I don’t have a Digital Camera OR an SLR, but I make sure my friends carry with them, and also make sure, I have a good battery-life in my Cell-phone and do the Mobile-Photography.

Well, I get the inspiration to explore new things, from my Friends. Without them, I am Nothing. And yaa, also thanks to those ‘Travelling & Exploring T.V. Channels & the Internet’ where I get the knowledge of everything, which really educate’s me and virtualize about the mysterious World behind my vision.

So what you have read above is not the freaking things, that what is it . .

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Catch you near time reading my travel articles’s…


Yogesh Unavane


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